Baptist Bible Institute

of Port Moresby

Our purpose is to train ministry leaders while allowing them to continue serve the Lord under the leadership and oversight of their local churches.

We utilize both video classes and live teaching. BBIPOM has partnered with Faith Bible Institute (FBI) to provide the highest quality Bible curriculum to train our students. One evening of classes are video courses taught by Pastor John Yates of FBI, and the other evening is taught in person by John Allen, founder and director of BBIPOM. All students are required to attend all the classes in person as we do much interaction during the lessons, whether they are live or pre-recorded.

BBIPOM places a heavy emphasis on the Scriptures, learning directly from the Word and training our students to search out and to study the Word for themselves. View our statement of faith and doctrine here.

Students successfully completing the three-year course of study with BBIPOM and FBI will receive diplomas from both institutions. BBIPOM assignments, quizzes, and exams are done in person, while FBI exams are taken online. All students attending for credit must be faithful members of a local Baptist church and must have their pastor's recommendation.

Our classes are held in person on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6 - 9 pm at our current venue, located at Shalom Baptist Church in Sabama.

Anyone who wants to learn the Word better and who would like to strengthen their walk with the Lord is welcome to audit the classes free of charge.

  John Allen, missionary to Papua New Guinea
     (founder & director of Baptist Bible Institute
      of Port Moresby)
  John Yates, pastor of Rowland Road Baptist Church,
      Monroe, Louisiana, USA
     (founder & lead teacher of Faith Bible Institute, USA)


Baptist Bible Institute of Port Moresby